Friday, February 1, 2008

Success Report - Mirana

Mirana Is done. I'm gonna make this entry short. Abhijitdc made this. He is back from his exam, and now in pursue of to make any model available.
enjoy the pics, click to enlarge!


caliFRAGi said...

looks nice. more than what I expected.

Ed0-win said...

I'm very impressed with your figurines... I wonder how you do them and how long do you take to create each paper model?

yopo said...

heyy awesome works!

can u help me with a morph?? plz :D

Anonymous said...

oooh i want to build this! put it up for download, pretty please? :D

Anonymous said...

One of your best work yet

Anonymous said...


tyk0 said...

what kind of paper is needed?
tell me plz :(