Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

Wish you all a healthy, prosperous and successful future!
Hobikit team and all the Paper models

Friday, December 28, 2007

Razor - Lightning Revenant

Hi All!

New Hero is Here, Razor!

This hero is built quickly, with the help of my Razor blade of course... His body only contains armor and few fabrics. This levitating and intangible body forced me to be creative... I put a wire as his hand, to make his shield, armor and weapon stand properly. I did even put a small standing part to support his standing position

Luckily, by using wires, This hero pose is editable/adjustable. this is nice since this is really what an action model would look like. Be creative out there, You can now download Razor for you to build!

Please find em on the download link on the lower left bar. Thanks! and enjoy paper modelling!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lina Inverse

Hi All,

Abhijitdc had once again prove his skill. He made a cool red Lina Inverse like the picture. From this pic, it appears that his Lina is burnt in red aura, about to release her dragon slave spell :) ! However I made that version only for him, the version I released is with different colour.

Please note that making the head will be tricky, I have given two option for the face, but apparantly the recommended version is the most possible way to proceed. With this, you are still required to manually edit the shape of her face. Please note that this is will not be easy, and as for that I did set to put the difficulty level to "high". To compare, the faceless void and pandaren, can both be categorized as "medium-easy". That is why I share them first.

You can download your lina from this link below, remember, if you submit me you pic, I will give you any hero of your request, and may share them here if you agree.
Lina Inverse.pdf
Lina Inverse inst.pdf

I have introduce new section in the page. The download section, hosted by Rapidshare. You can also find Lina's link in the section

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Success Report - Pandaren Brewmaster

Hi All,

It is abhijitdc again! he is the one who has first to send me the completed Panda Picture. You can see his panda is once again better than mine. Yet again the size of published panda is almost twice of mine. My Panda were accidentally made too small (didn't realize that till almost finished). The published scale is about right as he is tall and fat.

Well, I just wonder one thing from abhijitdc's Panda. Why would he put the staff on the shoulder? I'd rather to glue to his hand instead. But yeah, every body can express their own version. I liked the idea though, since Panda carry his staff on his shoulder while walking... : )

Well. Congratulation to abhijitdc again!, I've sent him Lina Inverse model to make. Lets wait till he finishes and I'll share the pattern here in my Page!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Success Report - Faceless Void

Hi All,

I'd like to congratulate abhijitdc, an Indian college guy living in Oman. He "steal" my second design, neat I must say!, better than mine. If he can do that, why didn't you?? Check it out, voids weapon is now correct, in his left hand. He also placed voids ears and chains (cannot be seen here, I had it on other pics, which unfortunately not too focus/sharp). He is better than my lazy fingers.

And as I promised, I'm building him a model of his request... Lina Inverse the Slayer. He deserves it!

I told him that I'll made Lina exclusively for him. You have to thank him however, he asked me to publish the Lina pattern for others to make. I'm still undecided whether to release Lina to the public (as a replacement for the 25/12 poll) or to release both!... wew, I think you'll pick both... But I ain't got the luxury of time however.

If you want me to publish your models here, just send me your success pictures!

Thanks guys! and more to you abhijitdc!

Friday, December 14, 2007

POLL - Next public release 12/25/07

Hi All!

This thread is a special poll thread. I'm going to share one for you, up to your request. Please don't flood your vote ^_^ ...! (honestly I can't control it, but I might ignore same vote within the same hour, but I may not be either..)

Give your comment on what hero that should I share next! the most popular hero will won the poll, and I will upload it here..!
Click the "comment" link below to submit your vote.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pandaren Brewmaster - Face problem, another tips

Hi All,

I received some questions on Pandaren Face and how to build it.... I think your answer to these type of question is fairly simple. You can have your DotA game loaded, and zoom on the character you build all the time. Let him move and there, you can watch how his face, his hand, or his weapons shaped. However to help you though, picture on the right shows the polygons of the Pandaren's face.

Red lines indicates that this doesn't glued to anywhere, so you can see that his top lips is not glued, and so that he can open his mouth in the game.

Well I hope this will help you. To assist you in general, please build your panda from top to toe... this will be easier as you can adjust/help difficult parts first, then build the easier parts later. Skirtlike character (pandaren, silencer) is far more easier compared to a standard character (i.e void, rylai) coz you'll have huge open space below to adjust anything from the inside body. I hope this might help you.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dark Terror - Faceless Void

Laughably Stupid.. Dark terror the Faceless Void, is my second completed model.

I choose this second model inspired by Pejout, and his performance using this hero. He played it soo good on a LAN game with me. It gave me an idea to give him small appreciation by making up this hero.. But it turns out that this hero is not his favourite after all..

Back to the stupidest thing there, I found that I have accidently reversed the diagram and the 3D model... few had noticed but it is definetly noticable... Terror's mace should be held on his LEFT hand, not his RIGHT as in my model. Or I may need to reverse the photograph to show the correct picture? LOL...
Well despite of that, I had corrected the pattern, fixed the hand problem, and I'm sharing it with you! Well, I hope that this is a good news for you people out there!

Please download the file on below link. Well, somebody told me that this link will only good for 90 days, I trully do not know about that.. however, please email me a notification should the link be revoked, I will renew the download link, So don't worry guys. And please have a good time in Paper modelling!

Oh Yeah, a special note from me, the most difficult part will be on this model is on his left hand holding the mace.. beware... and be creative. Last, COME AND VISIT HERE OFTEN... NEW MODEL MAY POP OUT HERE... Be on your guard paper modellers!

Download Here:
Old link is broken; To download, please go to Download section on the left bar

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Small Tips for Modelling

Picture on the right, is my making of Rhasta. You can use a special paper cutter for paper art or modelling. It really has a better result, the cut pattern should be more neat than using a scissors (if you are good at it, but apparantly I'm not). A cutting mat for this is also suggested. Well, this is not a must, just more like a suggestion. For comparison, I use scissors on Rylai and Void. The knive is on Rhasta and Mangix. You see the difference.

On the finishing process, I'd like to share small tips for you, if you like painting works, you can furnish the finished paper model with a base paint, or a wood furnish... This will closes gaps of glued parts between them.. After that you can paint your panda with your favourite colour, then refurnish again the with a clear furnish. Voila, it may looked like a plastic one.. you should use a thicker paper though.
Especially for Pandaren,... the bottles are bit tricky, cut/slash the bottle body then punch the sharp part of the bottle neck to the bottle body to build one, The right hand with the keg, is more trickier, I didn't glue it properly to enable the hand to hold its keg right. Actually I'm inprogress to pose the figure better in 3dmax before doing the modelling stuff. Sorry guys, for not giving you the perfect Panda, coz I don't have it yet this time. Just do it, and try not to follow all instruction as it is, you'll need your creativity.
Guess, whose pattern on the left?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Rylai the Crystal Maiden

Rylai Crestfall, the Crystal Maiden... a.k.a. Jaina Proudmore in Warcraft III. I doubt that lots of dota players are familiar enough with the second name... Anyway,... I choose her, as my first model to be build. However my prototype project was done on several other characters.

At first, I personally like the Spell breaker, (a.k.a Nortrom the Silencer), he was my first prototype.. However, improper modelling turn his polygons awkwardly alligned, and that turns me to hate him. Second try goes to a Ghoul model (a.k.a. Naix), but later found that his empty body and skulls will not impress anyone! However, I foolishly stumbled upon a Skeleton (a.k.a Leoric the Skeleton King) just to realize more that I hates bones... Further prototype were made on Scorpion creep (a.k.a Crixalis the Sand King), but found that he is too complex with his six legs, pincers and tail. My lazyness prevents me to build him.

A glance over Jaina/Rylai model stopped my heart. Gamers would like a woman model, that was what I think... Then I grab my tools, redesign her poly, turn on a printer and print her pattern.. Nice legs and hips, were her first body parts built. That was what makes me more eager to complete the rest!... Then got stuck on her face though, but I take a detour then make a flat face taken from her face texture.. no 3d nose here... see?

I Stunned my self on what I've accomplished... a pretty, yet bold and majestic figurine standing with her staff... Nice! I praise my self!

All right, enjoy her pics here!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Pandaren Brewmaster - Warcraft / Dota Heroes

English now....

Have one on the house!

This pandaren is my first public posting to the Internet. You can find the pattern on below link. Happy paper modelling. For modelling tips, please contact my e-mail.

Many more will come for you.. I'll post the faceless void here also...
Download here!
Warning:, this model will need manual modification to appear like the picture, please use your sense of paper modelling on this one...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Birth of the Hobikit

Hari ini Hobikit berdiri, tepat bersamaan dengan hari lahir sang cerebrave.