Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pandaren Brewmaster - Face problem, another tips

Hi All,

I received some questions on Pandaren Face and how to build it.... I think your answer to these type of question is fairly simple. You can have your DotA game loaded, and zoom on the character you build all the time. Let him move and there, you can watch how his face, his hand, or his weapons shaped. However to help you though, picture on the right shows the polygons of the Pandaren's face.

Red lines indicates that this doesn't glued to anywhere, so you can see that his top lips is not glued, and so that he can open his mouth in the game.

Well I hope this will help you. To assist you in general, please build your panda from top to toe... this will be easier as you can adjust/help difficult parts first, then build the easier parts later. Skirtlike character (pandaren, silencer) is far more easier compared to a standard character (i.e void, rylai) coz you'll have huge open space below to adjust anything from the inside body. I hope this might help you.

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