Sunday, December 16, 2007

Success Report - Faceless Void

Hi All,

I'd like to congratulate abhijitdc, an Indian college guy living in Oman. He "steal" my second design, neat I must say!, better than mine. If he can do that, why didn't you?? Check it out, voids weapon is now correct, in his left hand. He also placed voids ears and chains (cannot be seen here, I had it on other pics, which unfortunately not too focus/sharp). He is better than my lazy fingers.

And as I promised, I'm building him a model of his request... Lina Inverse the Slayer. He deserves it!

I told him that I'll made Lina exclusively for him. You have to thank him however, he asked me to publish the Lina pattern for others to make. I'm still undecided whether to release Lina to the public (as a replacement for the 25/12 poll) or to release both!... wew, I think you'll pick both... But I ain't got the luxury of time however.

If you want me to publish your models here, just send me your success pictures!

Thanks guys! and more to you abhijitdc!

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