Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Rylai the Crystal Maiden

Rylai Crestfall, the Crystal Maiden... a.k.a. Jaina Proudmore in Warcraft III. I doubt that lots of dota players are familiar enough with the second name... Anyway,... I choose her, as my first model to be build. However my prototype project was done on several other characters.

At first, I personally like the Spell breaker, (a.k.a Nortrom the Silencer), he was my first prototype.. However, improper modelling turn his polygons awkwardly alligned, and that turns me to hate him. Second try goes to a Ghoul model (a.k.a. Naix), but later found that his empty body and skulls will not impress anyone! However, I foolishly stumbled upon a Skeleton (a.k.a Leoric the Skeleton King) just to realize more that I hates bones... Further prototype were made on Scorpion creep (a.k.a Crixalis the Sand King), but found that he is too complex with his six legs, pincers and tail. My lazyness prevents me to build him.

A glance over Jaina/Rylai model stopped my heart. Gamers would like a woman model, that was what I think... Then I grab my tools, redesign her poly, turn on a printer and print her pattern.. Nice legs and hips, were her first body parts built. That was what makes me more eager to complete the rest!... Then got stuck on her face though, but I take a detour then make a flat face taken from her face texture.. no 3d nose here... see?

I Stunned my self on what I've accomplished... a pretty, yet bold and majestic figurine standing with her staff... Nice! I praise my self!

All right, enjoy her pics here!

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