Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Success Report - Rylai and Void

It's been a while. Actually my Mirana project has been slightly left behind. I had some year-end job stuff which bought my attention from here and there. Well, January is my busiest season of all. I hope you can understand. And have the patience to wait

This time I'd like to congratulate Abhijitdc again, and a warm welcome to my new partner yozuca*. WELCOME TO THE TEAM yozuca*!!. Abhidjit has completed crystal maiden, my historical ground in dota paper modelling. CM is very rare, since I will not share her to any other than my partner, if you take up closely, CM didn't get that annoying text banner... :)

yozuca* declares his ability by completing faceless void flawlessly. He is now determined to build Sven - the rogue knight. Let's hope that he can finish Sven soon enough for us to see the picture. On the other hand, Abhijitdc is currently working on his 5th model, Razor. I'd expecting to see his. After that, he planned his 6th model to be Kardel - the sniper. I myself paced with them by building my never ending Mirana... sigh, her parts are just too much!

My next public release is going to be either one of the three, Mirana, Kardel or Sven. You guys, please vote to pick any of them... then I'll kept the other two as another rare model.

Also.. if you like to post a vote, you can also visit my Dota Forum thread here or you can just simply click the comment button below.


InspirE said...


I am a Dota player from Thailand.

I like your paper model very much. I've just finished faceless and lina models. can you tell me how to send you my model pics. I sincerely tell you that I want to build up your rare models.

please answer me on your blog or at

I'm not a pro internet user.- -"

Hobikit said...

You can send it via email addressed to

Jules said...

nice work you got here cerebrave. I'm a papermodel designer too.. but dont worry my theme is military. keep the good work man. Maybe we can do a project together sometime.


caliFRAGi said...

Vote for Sven.
looks very great!

Alvin said...

hmm u use one paper or alot of paper with glue and cutting?

I love the model!

Anonymous said...

wow gratz! nice sites and stuff