Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Success Report - Nortrom the Silencer

Complete! Nortrom is done!
Johannes has complete it at last, look at it. It's nice to see the silencer standing there with his shield and doubleblade. And thankfully, Johannes would like to help me in building my mirana. Let's wait for him. to complete mirana, and I'll post the picture downhere.!
Pichayut, also complete a silencer, picture on the left and below are his result. You can tell that how each people will have different models. Paper modelling is an art, just be your self, and be creative. The result will be for you and your alone. It's satisfying!
Sorry guys, I haven't got my chance to build a model of my own. I'm currently working on another project now.
NORTROM is available for Download! go to the download section!


caliFRAGi said...

very nice!
maybe you can do something on the double blade so it can spinning on his hand :D

if you give us more to download, visitors will increasing =P

abhijitdc said...

whoa, nice.

coffee prince said...

Ah please release the CM model to the public, this one looks so real...

Anonymous said...

Hey, could you please update your old Warhammer 40k paper blog? Or at least release the Leman Russ model?


Anonymous said...

please release your models! i would love to be able to build this one :)

Anonymous said...

I cant download from the download links given..
Even after i type the verification code to download the file it links to a 'web page unavailable'..\
Is ther any ways to help??

Anonymous said...

omg SILENCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D =D!!

Anonymous said...

I like is spartan like helmet. Very nice.