Thursday, December 20, 2007

Success Report - Pandaren Brewmaster

Hi All,

It is abhijitdc again! he is the one who has first to send me the completed Panda Picture. You can see his panda is once again better than mine. Yet again the size of published panda is almost twice of mine. My Panda were accidentally made too small (didn't realize that till almost finished). The published scale is about right as he is tall and fat.

Well, I just wonder one thing from abhijitdc's Panda. Why would he put the staff on the shoulder? I'd rather to glue to his hand instead. But yeah, every body can express their own version. I liked the idea though, since Panda carry his staff on his shoulder while walking... : )

Well. Congratulation to abhijitdc again!, I've sent him Lina Inverse model to make. Lets wait till he finishes and I'll share the pattern here in my Page!

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Anonymous said...

Dayum,who was that genious to create poligon by poligon copy of w3 models?
I touched every microbit in w3 and w3ft archive,i have seen every texture,i made hundereds of 3d models,i collected thousand of models as digure collection.
And seeing one of models converted to real format is just like wow